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The Best Printable spring cleaning checklists. Free Spring Cleaning Checklist from 03 of 07.. 6 tips for Successful Spring Cleaning Housekeeping Schedules How to Create the Right Cleaning Schedule for Your Family

Spring Cleaning Can Contribute to a Pest-Free Home. Weekends throughout April will find homeowners undertaking the tradition of "spring cleaning." Windows will be opened, fresh sheets will replace wool blankets and patio furniture will return to its rightful place outdoors.

As you tackle your spring cleaning list, pair preventive pest control measures with inspections. Most pests can be spotted with the naked eye.

Tips on Finding a Pest Control Professional Spring Cleaning Advice to Keep Pests at Bay Now that spring has finally arrived, and the weather conditions are beginning to improve along the east coast, many homeowners will be spending the next couple of weekends tackling their spring cleaning to-do lists.

Jennie Oliver