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"Restaurants and chefs are buzzing with activity during National Pollinator Week, raising awareness about the vital role bees play in pollinating our food and the need to protect these powerful pollinators," said Christy Leavitt, Bee Friendly Food Alliance coordinator.

FAIRFAX, Va. (June 16, 2014) – The National pest management association (npma) joins government agencies, private companies, non-governmental organizations and foundations in calling attention to the importance of pollinator health during National Pollinator Week (June 16-22) and beyond. Pollinators include bees, such as honey bees and bumble.

The U.S. Senate estiblished the first National Pollinator Week in 2007 to address the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. After having unanimously approved S. Resolution 580 to "recognize the vital role of pollinators to ecosystem health and agriculture" the Senate sought to bring awareness and attention to the importance of.

Creating, maintaining and/or improving pollinator habitat. Educating their community, employees and/or customers about the importance of pollinators. celebrating pollinators during National Pollinator Week or at other times. Visit our City, School or business programs pages for more information.

To celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 20-26, 2016, several Washington, DC restaurants have teamed up with Beyond Pesticides and the Center for Food Safety to launch a campaign, "Made by Pollinators," to protect pollinators suffering steep declines. With one out of every three bites of food.

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By signing the declaration of Cancn they show their intent to take action and collaborate on promoting pollinators. This brings the total of signatories to twenty-one. The sixth IPBES conference in Medellin, Colombia was the. Continue reading "Five new members to promote pollinators during IPBES6"

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The USDA and the U.S. Department of the Interior have designated this week as National Pollinator Week. It’s a great time to celebrate pollinators and consider what you can do at home and work to protect them! About the Author: Randy Comeleo is an Ecologist for EPA’s Western Ecology Division research lab. He works primarily with the Air.

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