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Termite Swarm Season If you live in the Southeast-particularly Georgia or Florida-then chances are high that termites are already close to your home. In our area of the country, there is an average of 10 to 13 termite colonies per acre of land, with the eastern subterranean termite being the most common species.

A termite swarm marks the beginning of the termite life cycle.. Generally, flying termites appear in the same beige/tan color termite season starts Off With Swarms Termite Season What Time Of Year Do Termites Appear Termites can remain hidden, doing their damage and work for years.. a small set of termites can fly, and only do so for a.

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Most of the time, a termite swarm is the only time homeowners actually see termites or find out they have termites before damage is discovered.

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What is a termite swarm and when is swarming season? In our previous blog, Spring is the time when the temperatures start to reach 70 degrees and the combination of sun and rain create the perfect environment for them to leave the current mature colony in search of opening a new colony.

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Termite Swarm season.. termite swarms are often the first visible indication that termites are present.. Typically, swarmer termites do not fly very far before landing on the ground, shedding their wings, and attempting to start a new colony.

Here’s everything you need to know to make it through termite season.. Termite Swarming: Everything You Need to Know About Swarming Season. February 7, 2018.. When termites start to swarm in April and May, North Carolina homeowners know that it is time to protect their homes from these.

When Does Termite Season start? termite season does not have a set beginning and end, as termites are active year round. The season when termites are most visible – through swarms, discarded wings and droppings – coincides roughly with the Major league baseball season.

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