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Premise Insecticide, introduced by Bayer Corporation in 1996, works synergistically with nature to provide value-added termite control. Premise Plus Nature, TM the term the manufacturer uses to describe the product’s unique mode of action, affects termites by making them susceptible to infection, disease and death by naturally occurring.

Swarmer termites have a 1/1000 chance of survival and success. The Termite Swarming Season. Termites require moisture to live, without it their bodies would dry out and they would die. So mature termite colonies tend to produce and send out termite swarmers in the wet spring and fall months.

Termites & Rain: Termite Damage Control for Spring Wet Weather by Arrow Exterminators One termite colony can number up to the millions. worker termites forage for food 24 hours a day, and travel up to 350 feet from the colony. The average cost of termite treatment and damage repair is more than $8,000.

) Aside from having wings, these termites look different from the worker termites in the colony because they are dark in color and more resemble what many people call "flying ants" (which is a generic term for the reproductives of any number of ant species). termites typically swarm during the daytime.

This ability is what causes concern in human dwellings: while termite workers only measure approximately 1 cm to a few millimeters in length, their feeding habits are capable of causing costly damage to property. House foundations, furniture, shelves and even books are all possible feeding sites for termites. Read more about what termites eat.

Enjoy the Bayer advanced 32 oz. concentrate carpenter ant and Termite Killer Plus 700310, with 21,000 sq. ft. of coverage it exterminates wood-destroying pests, including carpenter ants, termites and carpenter bees at The Home Depot

Stinging Insects Spring Into Action With Warmer Weather Fleas can lay dormant for months -new homeowners beware – and suddenly spring into action when you flip the switch to heat your home. Resiliency in a tiny package. Short of breaking through walls and time travel, these teeny tiny critters are bad news.What Should I Do If I am Sprayed by a Skunk? Since skunk spray is comprised of sulfur-based chemicals and thiols, you will need something with peroxide to neutralize the sulfuric compositions. Here Is What You Should Do If Your Dog Sprayed By Skunk. Of course you want to keep the dog sprayed by skunk out of your house. It will not take long to get into everything you own in the house.

The swarmers have four pairs of wings of equal size which are twice as long as their bodies. For the ants, the wings are larger in the front. Ants’ bodies are more segmented, whereas termites’ bodies are nearly the same size from front to back.

Tips to Keep Your First Home Pest Free 10 Tips to Keep Your Garden Pest Free Having your own garden can bring so much joy. Not only can a garden be a vibrant addition to your home, but it can also be a place grow your fresh vegetables.

Not only do rainstorms drive flying termites to mate during warm weather, moisture from rain also contributes to water damage in homes, thus attracting termites and other pests. In addition, rain can make getting rid of stubborn termite infestations even more difficult. Rainfall Prompts Swarms of Flying Termites

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