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Why Cold Weather Is Bad News For Termite Control We recommend quarterly pest control treatments at minimum for full seasonal coverage. Continuing to landscape and maintain the yard makes a big difference as well. While you’re tidying up around the house, keep an eye out for bugs. Here are some of the cold weather insects you’re most likely to see in Alabama. Yellow Jackets

It could be a Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle, and the bad news is: It bites. There is, however, a method for spotting the.

Tick Population High in Some Parts of United States Reported Cases of Lyme Disease – United States, 2017. Click for larger image cdc-pdf [pdf – 1 page] Each dot represents one case of Lyme disease and is placed randomly in the patient’s county of residence. The presence of a dot in a state does not necessarily mean that Lyme disease was acquired in that state.

Difference Between The Lady Bug And Japanese Beetle. Lady bug is also called as the lady bird beetles and everyone knows them by the name of lady bugs. They are considered to be extremely helpful insects from an agriculture point of view. There are nearly 400 species of them in North America, and they feed on 3 plants.

What are Cat Fleas? Cat Flea Bites, Information, Control Habits. Dog fleas can live for about 100 days, during which time the females produce 400-500 offspring. Their biology and habits are the same as cat fleas. dog flea eggs are deposited on dogs in between their hair.They usually hatch in 1-12 days. The larvae require feeding on dried adult fecal blood to complete development.Problems Caused When Rodents And Other Pests Chew Your Electrical Wires Learn how to identify when critters are chewing through your wires.. Are Rodent Pests Chewing Through Your Electrical Wiring? Details. The damage often goes undetected until unexpected electrical problems develop seemingly out of nowhere, and eventually you have fatally electrocuted.

Lady bugs / Japanese beetles Easy DIY Removal The multi-colored Asian lady beetle goes by a variety of names, including the Asian lady beetle, the Halloween beetle, and the Ladybird beetle, among others. These insects are easily confused with ladybugs because they are approximately the same size and shape, but there are several distinct differences between Asian lady beetles and ladybugs.

 · Asian Lady Beetles look almost identical to native ladybugs when it comes to color, but there’s one distinctive marking that will make it easy to spot the difference between the two. On the black section just behind the bug’s head you’ll notice a white "M"-shaped marking-that’s the telltale sign you’re dealing with an Asian Lady Beetle.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Native Ladybugs and Asian Lady Beetles? Asian Lady Beetles look almost identical to native ladybugs when it comes to color, but there’s one distinctive marking.

Physical Appearance – Some Asian lady beetles look almost exactly like ladybugs, which is why the two are easily mistaken for each other. Pest Control – Both ladybugs and Asian lady beetles eat aphids and help to keep pests out of gardens and homes. Differences: Coloration Variation – Asian lady beetles have a much broader range of colors.

Useful Firewood Storage Tips for Pest Control by Jean-Martin Fortier, is full of low-tech, high-yield methods of production proven on the grounds of Les Jardins de la Grelinette. From organic weed control to systematic crop growth and realistic.

What’s the Difference Between a Ladybug and an Asian Lady Beetle? Ladybugs are a family of beetles that includes Asian Lady Beetles. They are different from each other, but for our purposes here, either way, we don’t want them overwintering in our space.

In many cases, it might not be ladybugs rather multicolored asian lady beetles. Sometimes you may not know the difference between the two though they all.

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