This is a guide about preventing pantry pests. ad. tips.. The best thing I have ever found to keep pantry moths or any other pest from getting in your food is to put a bay leaf in the box or package after it is opened. There is something about a bay leaf that they hate.

Kitchen Tips: Controlling and Preventing Common Pantry Pests.. there are only a few insects that make up the greatest percentage of pantry pests. Indian Meal Moths. Keep pantry shelves clean, uncluttered, and vacuumed regularly to discourage all kinds of insects..

As with many pests, pantry pests tend to harbor near their food source and for pantry pests that includes the food in your cupboards. There are a few different types of pantry pests that might be lurking in your cabinets, but the most common ones are moths and small beetles, including weevils.

How to Get Rid of Pantry moths. pantry moths are also known as Indian Meal Moths, and discovering an infestation in your home isn’t fun.. and taking measures to prevent further reinfestation will all keep your home free of this annoying pest. Steps. Method 1.. as these spots are.

I’ve had spider beetles, stinkbugs, and moths. bothered me. To keep them out, use a dehumidifier to make your home environment less welcoming to silverfish, sweep up dust, vacuum regularly, and use.

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Check out these common storage and pantry pests and our 12 tips to prevent them. Indian Meal Moths. Indian meal moths are one of the most common stored food pests. They are commonly identified by their two toned wing pattern with tan and copper colors. They have a 1/2 to 5/8 wingspan.

To suppress weeds and proved a clean place to walk, keep. pests. Aromatic plants such as basil, tansy, mint, thyme, and sage all repel bugs, so try some near your prized vegetables. Mint, dill, and.

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5 Most Common Pantry Pests Indian Meal Moths There’s good cause for labelling these guys ‘public enemy number 1′ when it comes to pantry pests in North Carolina.

How to Prevent Pantry Pests | Pest Control There are a number of common. check out the tips here. Don’t just load your pantry into a box or your fridge or freezer into a cooler, cautions Baluja. Not only is the food likely to spoil, but you.