Unsuspecting travelers often encounter bed bug infestations and unknowingly transport bed bugs from place to place. Knowledge is the key to defending yourself against bed bugs. If you are going to be traveling, it is always a good idea to take some simple precautions against transporting bed bugs.

Before you take your family on a summer trip, make sure that you’ll stay bed bug free! Here are some tips we found online to keep in mind while traveling this summer. Before you choose your hotel destination: Look up the hotel that you are interested in to see if there is a history of reported bed bug cases, on sites such as Bed Bug Registry.

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New! - Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs While Traveling: Beap Co. Deluxe Bed Bug Travel Kit Sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite. The best way to avoid bed bugs is to avoid staying at hotel with a known problem. Duh! Obviously, that’s not always possible. If you’ve got the itch for travel (but can do without the itch of bed bugs) listen up: it’s easy to protect yourself if you know the tricks.

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With a little Internet research, it’s easy to find out if bedbugs have been reported at your hotel: The Bed Bug Registry, for example, is a free online database of user-submitted reports across.

12/22/2017  · School Officials Failed To Notify Parents Of A Bed Bug Infestation. We all know that bed bugs are infesting locations all over the world, and their population numbers are only growing by.

So it’s not that you shouldn’t be aware of bed bugs year round..just know that in the summer they may be looking to make new friends more than other times of the year. Everyone enjoys a summer crush..right? If you are traveling this summer please note that we do offer bed bug travel kits in our store to help you avoid sleeping with bed.

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