The common cluster fly (Polleniarudis) is large and black and they are very similar to house flies so can easily be mistaken for them. The difference is their yellowish golden hairs on the thorax and a prominent dark and light coloured chequered pattern on their abdomen.

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Cluster flies are bothersome because they often enter attics and wall voids of structures to over winter, seeking shelter to avoid the cooling temperatures. When temperatures rise, they become active, either leaving the structure or entering the interior.

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The cluster flies or attic flies are the genus Pollenia in the blowfly family calliphoridae. Unlike more familiar blow flies, such as the bluebottle genus Phormia, they do not present a health hazard because they do not lay eggs in human food.

Cluster flies coming out for warm sunshine. A cluster fly is a bit larger than a house fly and has a black/silvery-black checkered body. young, newly emerged cluster flies have short light-brown/yellowish hairs on their lower bodies. Sluggish movement .

Cluster flies, also known as attic flies are about up to of an inch in size. Slightly larger than the common house fly, they move in hundreds or even thousands, hence the name. Unlike house flies, cluster flies are not associated with poor hygiene and poor sanitary conditions.

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The cluster fly typically measures 6-10mm in length and has a dark grey to olive thorax. During the summer months and on sunny days cluster flies can often be found outdoors congregating on posts, walls and fences.

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