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Zika virus typically spreads to individuals through the bite of an infected mosquito, but it can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected man or spread from an expectant mother to her fetus. The illness is typically mild with symptoms lasting from a few days to a week.

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Zika Virus Explained by a Medical Doctor | Auburn Medical Group The most common symptoms of Zika virus are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). Many people infected with Zika virus won’t have symptoms or will only have mild symptoms.

Though Zika virus produces only mild symptoms — or none at all — in most people who are infected, it is particularly worrisome for pregnant women, because it has been found to cause a severe.

Watch the new cbsn originals documentary, "Zika: Children of the Outbreak," in the video player above. Three years after Zika virus first made headlines, and the photos of babies born with.

Zika is a mosquito-borne viral disease that causes a mild fever. Since the 1950s, Zika has been prevalent in equatorial Africa and Asia. Now, it’s spread to other parts of the world. It’s also transmitted from one person to.

Many people infected with Zika virus won’t have symptoms or will only have mild symptoms. Your doctor may order a blood or urine test to help determine if you have Zika. There is no specific medicine for Zika.

Only about one in five people who are infected with Zika virus will experience symptoms, and the illness is usually mild and does not require.

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Right now, the people at risk of getting infected are those who travel to one of the over 40 countries with ongoing Zika virus transmission. Should a person start having symptoms of the virus.

Zika fever, also known as Zika virus disease or simply Zika, is an infectious disease caused by the Zika virus. Most cases have no symptoms, but when present they are usually mild and can resemble dengue fever. Symptoms may include fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash..

The Zika virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of a mosquito that carries the virus. When it causes symptoms (in about one out of every five infections), it typically produces a disease that lasts a few days to a week.