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CL-100 Termite Letters, Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, Wood Infestation Reports (WIR), Moisture Inspections and Control, Bonded Lifetime Termite Protection Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and Warranty. A Leader in Upstate Pest & Moisture Control Services

Termite LetterAt Ledford’s Pest Control, we know how important it is to have a termite letter, (also known as a CL – 100 or wood infestation report) completed before closing on a home.

Termite Letter vs. Bond Real Estate Home Inspection and Termite Clearance Letters. Home Inspection is commonly referred to as a Realty Termite Inspection, Termite Letter, Real Estate Report or Clearance Letter. Every states seems to have a different name for it, but most states are looking for the same wood destroying organisms.

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Termite Control & Extermination . Termite Infestations. Termites are a serious threat to homes, especially in the southeast. Queens can produce thousands of termite eggs per day, and termites have a relentless appetite for the structural wood in your home.

What is the importance of the termite letter in Atlanta real estate transactions? According to Brian Lunsford of Atlanta-area termite and pest solutions company inspect-All Services, the termite letter (also called the "Official Georgia wood infestation inspection report") was once required by most lenders in the Atlanta area.

2019-04-12 · If you’re buying or selling a home in North Atlanta, you’ll need to check for termites. Get your Georgia Termite Clearance from Progressive Pest Control.

Termite Letters and Termite Bonds What is a Termite Letter? "Termite letter" is the common name for an official report issued by a certified pest control operator that documents the results of a visual inspection of a structure for wood-destroying organisms.

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When you are selling a home in Georgia, it is important to have a Wood Infestation Inspection Report done for the property prior to closing. If you are attempting to sell.

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