When it comes to bed bugs, avoiding them to begin with is your best bet. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Avoiding Bed Bugs at College lists all of the precautions that college students should take to reduce their risk of an infestation at school.

Bed bugs in college dorms are a growing problem across the country and it’s tricky to treat. Thankfully, we’ve engineered an effective solution that halts infestations. And there’s a reason it’s called an infestation.

The best tips for college students to avoid bed bugs in college dorm rooms and while traveling. Find additional tips and information about college dorm room bed bug products that can be used to keep college students safe from bed bugs.

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As far back as 2008, the media began to cover the growing problem of bed bugs in college dorm rooms across the country, including a feature in USA Today that reported many universities were experiencing bed bug infestations, including bed bugs nyc college dorm residents. The article quoted Greg Baumann of the National Pest Management.

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Prevent Bed Bugs in Dorm Rooms. Back to school! It’s that time of year when college campuses are filled with the hustle and bustle of new students moving into their dorm rooms, houses or apartments. In the excitement of moving into a new space, students and parents should take the time to examine their rooms for pests such as bed bugs.

Public housing residents live in fear of bed bugs For instance, college dorm rooms can provide a perfect environment for an infestation. In fact, the 2015 Bugs Without Borders survey conducted by NPMA found that 46% of pest control professionals have encountered infestations of bed bugs in college dormitories. Here are the NPMA’s tips for preventing bringing bed bugs in school:

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In fact, 54 percent of pest professionals surveyed had treated bed bug infestations in college dorms in 2011. The more clutter, the worse the risk of bed bugs. Dorm rooms are pretty small. Apartments can be packed with clutter, too though, especially if you have roommates or multiple units within your apartment building.

MOON TOWNSHIP – A student at Robert Morris University living in Hancock Hall discovered a bed bug "infestation" in her dorm room. Taylor Grandizio, a freshman who lived in the room, described her experience with the infestation, an issue she did not anticipate at first.

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