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In this article, we will be speaking about dangerous drywood termites. You will find information about drywood termite’s damage, bites and life cycle. In addition, there are answers on the questions:

Termite Swarmers Swarmer termites have a 1/1000 chance of survival and success. The Termite Swarming Season. Termites require moisture to live, without it their bodies would dry out and they would die. So mature termite colonies tend to produce and send out termite swarmers in the wet spring and fall months.

Subterranean, Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan… Area of Distribution: The Formosan subterranean termite. swarming drywood termites fly into structures and infest wood directly. When swarming, they often reinfest the same structure.. This is an unusual dampwood termite in several respects..

Ant vs Termite ID Tips. When you find swarming termites you usually see hundreds or more. With flying ants, you may only see a few here or there.

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Why should you care about flying termites? Well, I might go as far as to say that seeing winged termites are the insect equivalent of having a black cat cross your path – in other words, a sign of bad luck. Iâll explain why. If you see swarms around or inside your home, it really should act as a warning sign for 2 potential dangers:

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Termite Color What Color Are Termites? Although there are over 2,600 species of termites worldwide, most problems in the U.S. are caused by drywood, dampwood, subterranean, and formosan termites. Like many other wood-boring insects, these pests cause damage ranging from unsightly holes to dangerous structural issues.

Why do termites swarm in the spring? Spring is the time when the temperatures start to reach 70 degrees and the combination of sun and rain create the perfect environment for them to leave the current mature colony in search of opening a new colony.. There is a mouse in the house!

Swarms of termites emerging from tree stumps, woodpiles, etc. out in the yard are not necessarily cause for concern, and do not automatically mean the house is infested. On the other hand, if swarmers are emerging next to the foundation or from abutting porches or patios, there’s a good chance the home is infested as well.

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Termite treatments give great protection to the property. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that can create opportunities for termites. The biggest is the swarm process itself. Any colony in the area will send thousands of termites out to set up new colonies.

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