Ants in and around the home often cause a bit of disturbance to homeowners. citronella ants (Acanthomyops interjectus), also called foundation ants and large yellow ants, often cause concern that isn’t warranted.

Citronella ants are small, yellow insects that get their name from the lemon or citronella odor that people smell when they crush a worker. Some people call these ants "large yellow ants" because of their colour. In some areas, people call them "moisture ants." This may be because of the locations the ants choose for nesting.

To eliminate citronella ants, the store-bought insecticide can be used. This can be poured into their mound and can be sprayed on randomly seen bunches of ants or swarmers. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to get rid of these ants.

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The Citronella Ant is an insect that is known all throughout the United States. Also referred to as the Citronella Ant or the Moisture Ant, Yellow Ants are bothersome creatures that are often mistaken for their more fearsome Termite counterparts.

YELLOW or citronella ants (aka fall flying ants) Barbara J. Bromley, Mercer Co. Horticulturist 2004 During late summer and fall and also in late winter/early spring, the invasion of flying reddish yellow or reddish brown ants is common.

Citronella Ants are large yellow ants that emit a lemon scented odor when crushed. Learn about the Citronella Ant and Citronella Ant Control.. Simply removing and replacing rotted or moist wood could be an easy way of getting rid of a Citronella ant infestation. Citronella ants eat both.

Also known as Yellow ants Description Citronella ants have tiny hairs all over their bodies and antennae made up of 12 segments, with the last segments enlarging gradually towards the tip. Notes When crushed underfoot, the worker ants give off a lemon-like odour.

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